Better luck next time

The people waiting to go to the second run of the Talent Show on Family Weekend thought they would be settled down inside the Cathedral by 9 p.m., but instead they were left standing in the cold wind.

The doors did not open to let the people in until at least 15 minutes past the time the show was supposed to start.

The Threefold Advocate understands that there needs to be time to prepare between shows. That is natural. The problem was that the first show ran longer than expected; causing a delay that left hundreds of people waiting outside.

During Family Weekend, parents may be running low on rest because they want to have as many fun experiences with their children as possible. The last thing they want to do is to stand in the dark, freezing cold, waiting for a show that should have started on time.

This was the consequence of poor planning by Vibe and trying to fit too much into too short a time. As a result, the organizing team was unintentionally inconsiderate of their guests. This included parents and kids.

In the future, the Threefold Advocate would advise a couple of solutions:

1) Plan for extra time between the showings – more than expected will be needed

2) Provide some way for people to stay warm in case the weather is cold – such as tents or hot cocoa. During Candlelight season, the University provides various ways to maintain peoples’ comfort as they wait. Why can’t Vibe show the same consideration?

Vibe and all of the student participants in the Talent Show work hard to produce something that will bring pleasure to those who attend. Making their audience wait past the time advertised without any explanation could have caused them to be in a sour mood.

It is good business to keep your consumers happy. That means being nice. Not leaving them outside the door.