Prepping talent

With an event as big as Talent Show, preparation is everything.

From video to transitions to timing, the show must go on without a hitch. However, due to an overlap from the first show at 7 p.m., the doors for the second show at 9 p.m. did not open until several minutes later.

This year, Vibe, a division of the Student Activities Committee, hoped to have an hour and a half show and selected 12 acts to perform rather than the typical 14 from last year.

Despite their intentions, the first show ran two hours long, causing the second show to start around 9:15 instead of its scheduled time.

“We like to have 45 minutes between shows, but even without the overlap we’d still have to prep for the next show and the doors can’t open until we’re all ready,” Vibe director, junior Austin Harms said.

Though the technical side of the talent show was a success according to senior Jordan Karasek, who works for Event Technology, timing could’ve been improved.

“There was a short turn-around between shows, and what we typically need to accomplish in an hour, we had to complete in 30 minutes,” he explained.

Leading up to the show, the video crew worked 80 or so hours to prepare that week, whereas the lighting crew put in 50 hours three days before the big event.

“Working the talent show is always very hard, but so rewarding,” Karasek said. “Each show gets better.”

While the overlap did not affect the performers of the Talent Show directly, it created problems for their friends and family in the audience.

“A lot of us made plans with our friends and family, but because of the overlap the second show ended later than intended and our plans were postponed,” senior Hannah Constantin said.

Constantin who performed in iRobot described the event as “ordered chaos.”

The first show of the event historically starts at 6 p.m., but due to scheduling conflicts within family weekend, the Talent Show was pushed back an hour.

This year, the second show was packed at full capacity while the first show was about 80 percent full.

“Parents showed up an hour and a half before the first show just to get good seats because they love the show,” Harms said.

Despite the overlap between shows, there were no complications during the event.

“The overlap wasn’t really an issue,” Harms said. “It’s good to have longer shows because people love it.”