Star Gazing for fans ONLY

Lights, Cameras, Dresses! The Oscars were a hit. Every year our favorite stars try to strut their way to be crowned the best dressed. It takes a matter of seconds for a person to develop an opinion about something, and when it comes to the way someone looks no one is right.

In all honesty who cares what these critics think?

As an individual that loves clothes and fashion I can stand, and encourage a little criticism, but nobody is going to tell me that I am the worst dressed. I have my own likes and dislikes and have an understanding of what I look good in.

I believe that these stars have a reason for wearing the outfits that they put together. They spend hard earned money and put their personalities into their outfits, only to be critiqued and labeled. In a way they love what they have chosen to wear. It is part of who they are. It is what they like. Why tell them that they look bad?

If I were to put together an outfit that I think that I would wear to the Oscars I would make sure to be individualistic, wear a great color, and that it is something that I like to wear. If you love what you are wearing then you should be wearing an honest smile and not care to be judged. Be comfortably yourself.

The red carpet is for those who are well known. It is for events that bring people together that have fans. As a fan do not be discouraged when your favorite actor gets thrown around on the red carpet. They are still the wonderful person that you see them to be. As for me, I am a huge Jennifer Hudson fan. I believe that no matter what she wears on the red carpet her actions and voice speak for who she is. She wears what she wants and is confident and that is what every fan should look for.

We love to follow our favorite stars. We follow them on twitter and buy every season of every show that they are in. We love their talent. The way that they are critiqued at the Oscars or Grammy’s is ridiculous. The only person that should be critiquing them is their fans. We do not need some “fashion expert” telling us whether or not they can “pull it off”. We decide.

We like to see our favorites being recognized. Let us see what they are wearing and judge them for ourselves. Make a whole different show that trash talks the artists. While you are at it post a way for us to give feedback on your opinions. Let the fans decide who is creditable enough to critique the stars.