Letter to the editor: not all Kentucky fans deserve criticism

Imagine you’re a college basketball player, and you’ve worked your entire life so that you could play for the school of your dreams. You’ve practiced countless hours and done drills till you’re sick of them. You’ve had to run until you’ve thrown up, and then you had to run some more. However, you found what you’re good at, and you became the best you can be. You’re so good that you get to play at an amazing school, the University of Kentucky. It’s always been your dream to play for them and now that dream is a reality. Not only has your dream of being Wildcat been fulfilled, but you and your team win the 2012 NCAA national championship! All those years of hard work and self-discipline have paid off! You were a part of the winning team! You did it! And now there are people calling you and your school thugs and vandals because of the actions of a few. Yeah, I’d be mad too.

Just because a very small minority of drunk and stupid UK fans decided to go crazy after the win does not mean you should judge their entire fan base or school, and it does not mean you should tarnish their win. I work with and go to church with some hardcore UK fans that attended school there, and they were very excited about their win until all the Tweets and Facebook updates started about how “disgraceful” UK is. This whole controversy is very unfair to the people who have done nothing wrong but are still judged and criticized because of the actions of a few. That is so illogical, and it’s what we as Christians have to deal with all the time. We are called bigots and hate-mongers because of extremists. Why should we do that to UK? Let’s punish those that deserve and congratulate those that deserve it.

Lauren Tremonti