Summer Life: Internships, Four-wheelers, Aspirations

As students go their separate ways for the summer holidays, it is easy to lose track of how classmates are spending their time. Some are going on mission trips, others are studying abroad, and still more are working on internships germane to their major.

Here is a closer look at three students and their extraordinary holidays.

Matthias Roberts

Senior Matthias Roberts still lives in Siloam Springs over the summer as an intern with Aus10, a photography studio. The studio has been featured as one of the best in country in Professional Photographer Magazine, said their website.

Roberts said that he had done two shoots with the studio before his internship. He has been working behind the scenes calling customers and caring for the studio and also helping out with several senior session shoots.

Roberts said he thought it was giving him a realistic picture of running a studio. He has been working at both business and creative levels.

As for the future, Roberts said he has been seriously considering graduate school. He recently applied to the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.

Roberts said that though he loves right-brained pursuits like art and the abstract, he also loves pursuing left-brained logic and more thought-based activities.

“I get extremely unmotivated if I’m stuck on a single side for too long.”

Roberts expressed uncertainty about his long-term career goals.

“I love both,” Roberts said about his passions for photography and logic. “And so I would love to find some way to integrate both of those.”

Lauren Townsend

Sophomore Lauren Townsend had her entire summer plan scrapped and recast for her in a matter of seconds.

Townsend started work at McCalister’s Deli of Springdale late in May, but only worked there for a day. The day after, she lost control of the four-wheeler she was driving and fell about ten feet.

“I am amazed that I just came out with a broken leg,” said Townsend.

Townsend wore a cast for three weeks. It was then replaced by a boot that could be taken on and off easily to deal with her poor circulation in her feet.

Instead of working, Townsend spent the first two weeks after the accident visiting with people she hadn’t seen since college.

Townsend said it had been a good experience: “I love… being super busy, but I think this has taught me to just slow down and learn to relax.”

In the beginning of August, Townsend expects to still wear the boot, but plans to fly to Colorado and then drive to Kansas for a friend’s wedding.

Townsend will be an Orientation Leader next school year. She currently undergoes physical therapy for her leg, but expects to finish it by the end of the summer. By the beginning of the school year she hopes to be at least walking.

Jessica High

Alumnus Jessica High graduated from JBU in May and moved back with her parents in Lenexa, Kan.

High works for Allison Marie Photography as an intern and Christian Foundation Grants as marketing director.

High has helped the photography studio with one of its shoots. She also maintains the blog and Facebook page.

For the foundation, High is creating a marketing plan.

She said she doesn’t expect to stay at her main job for the long term. She plans to work with Christian Foundation Grants from one to several years.

High’s transition to life after college has gone well so far, she said. She is happy to finally be doing something valuable with her college education, but also struggles to redefine her adult life.

In adjusting to work, she said she needed to keep in mind two things. She described the first as an openness to learn and ask questions. For the second, she said she also had to act with confidence. “It’s a balance of being humble and being confident.”

High eventually would like to work with a nonprofit organization. She hopes to pursue helping people through story, whether that is through photography or marketing.

“I just have to learn to be okay with the uncertainty of I don’t know what I’m going to do with the rest of my life,” said High.