Reader’s Guide

Welcome to The Threefold Advocate’s Op/Ed pages.

We are excited to start a new school year with our diligent readers. If you are new, we invite you to continue to join us every Thursday, as we share varied points of views and commentary on what’s going on in and out of the bubble.

As a college newspaper, our main goal is to provide the student and staff community with news items that are relevant to them.

We decided to take the time in our first issue of the year to give you a quick round-up of what you can expect from us.

The pieces that you will see in this column are the opinion in consensus of our Editorial Board. They are anonymous because they represent a collective effort.

From time to time, there is confusion as to how much of what is published in these two pages ais the opinion of the newspaper. We want to emphasize to our readers that the views expressed by columnists, cartoonists, or in letters to the editor are not necessarily endorsed by our editorial staff.

We love hearing back from our readers. If you have a response to anything published in our pages or anywhere else in the newspaper, please let us know. Send your letters to the editor to either JBU Box 2501 or to advocate@jbu.edu by 6 p.m. on Monday. We ask that you keep your comments to fewer than 300 words. (Note: this information will appear in every issue, right below)

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Happy reading!