This is who we are

Welcome to campus, whether it is your first semester or your tenth.

As you are settling into the routine of the school year, The Threefold Advocate wants to offer its ideas about what John Brown University is and some tips about how to get the most quality out of your time here.

Our school’s motto refers to the threefold mission of Head, Heart and Hand. Here we address those three and what they mean to us.


The University advertises its academic excellence. Whether this involves participating in the Honors Scholars Program or creating a robot in an engineering class, opportunities abound to increase your knowledge.

Tip: Keep your head in the game. Even when you would rather not be sitting in a class about English literature, there is information available which can shape your thinking. Our school also offers a unique forum for public dialogue. This does not mean there is always a clear winner, but rather this is a place where people can apply God’s truth in every area of their lives.


“Worship doesn’t just happen in chapel services at JBU; it pervades all of life as we seek to do everything for the glory of God and in service of others,” says the University’s website. From the athletic field to discussions in the dorm room, this community offers an opportunity to grow in our relationship with Christ and others.

Tip: Take your time here as a chance to make your beliefs your own. There are plenty of ministries on campus to help you develop. At the same time, do not be afraid to ask questions since college is a step in the process of gaining independence.


The University is not only about what happens on campus, but also about participating in society. Students can find many ways to get plugged in, such as CAUSE ministries and mission trips.
Tip: Find one or two things that you are really passionate about and just go all out. We need students who want to make a difference here and in the Kingdom of God.

We want to wish you the best possible semester and hope that you are able to find a place to plug in, stand out and invest.