Police chase ends at flag poles

A high speed police chase from West Siloam, Okla. ended in front of the John Brown University entrance shortly before 9:45 p.m. Sunday. University students leaving the evening chapel service saw it all happen.

A green Dodge pickup truck flew down Holly Street from Highway 412, said senior Benjamin Shondelmyer. It ran through the stop sign at the intersection of University Street and Holly, but did not quite make the turn.

Freshman Aaron Fain also witnessed the event. He said the car spun out and hit the curb with one or two police cars in pursuit.

The car’s back right wheel broke off of the axle in the process, making the car undriveable.

The police rushed the truck, guns out, as more squad cars showed up, Fain said.

Bystanders said the driver appeared to be in his 20s.

West Siloam Police Officer Jeffery Giles said the driver initially ran a stop sign at the intersection of Cherokee Street and Stateline Road in West Siloam. When Giles turned on his squad car lights, the pickup truck took off, driving in the wrong lane of traffic.

Police chased him into Siloam Springs until his crash. They then took him into custody, Giles said.

Officers told bystanders the driver had no insurance and out of date tags.