SIFE fellow joins national committee

This fall, John Brown University has a seat as the national SIFE table.

Clayton Anderson, Sam Walton Fellow for John Brown University’s SIFE team, was named to the SIFE USA Faculty Advisory Committee.

The 15-member committee consists of Sam Walton Fellows from Students In Free Enterprise programs across the country who rotate out every couple of years, Anderson. said

Being a member of the committee “is an opportunity to have a voice in how SIFE goes about establishing and carrying out its strategies,” said Joe Walenciak, associate dean of the college of business and former member of the faculty advisory committee.
Anderson finished the process of applying for the position last May, and heard back Sept. 10.

The committee is looking for fellows that come from healthy SIFE programs, are concerned with more than winning competitions, and are “team players” for advancing SIFE USA, said Walenciak.

In addition to his campus responsibilities Anderson will also travel to committee meetings throughout the year. The first one is in St. Louis this November.

“[Being on the committee] allows me to be part of a group of other like-minded faculty and SIFE advisers as we explore how we can move not only our individual SIFE teams but also SIFE USA forward,” said Anderson.

According to Walenciak, the biggest benefit Anderson will gain from being part of the Advisory Committee is experience.

“This is a tremendous chance for [Anderson] to build a professional network with other SIFE team leaders who have been around SIFE for years,” said Walenciak. “He’s going to hear a national and even global perspective on what it means to develop a strong SIFE organization and how you serve the community and the world.”

Anderson said this experience will have a direct impact on the University’s SIFE program.

“This is a great opportunity for me to learn from other people, get insight from their perspective and their experience, share that with the students [here] and see how we can better our team from it,” Anderson said. “Bringing some of that knowledge and experience that I’ll hear about back to campus, I think our students and our team will benefit greatly.”

The fact that Anderson is on the committee doesn’t only benefit JBU SIFE, it is an indicator of how the program and University are perceived nationally. He now has a chance to make even more people aware of JBU SIFE.

“It speaks volumes about the reputation of JBU that they would be open to somebody like me, whose only in my second year, to be a part of the committee,” said Anderson.

“The fact that Anderson was asked to be on [the committee] is an indication that JBU is very respected within the SIFE world,” said Walenciak. “It gives [JBU] really good visibility, because we are sitting at the same table as some very large state universities that are respected and have tremendous history with SIFE.”