Intramurals go online, hope to raise participation

As of this week, everyone at John Brown is a free agent.

JBU intramurals recently moved its online presence to, a website used by intramural programs at campuses nationwide.

“It’ll make intramurals easier,” said Josh Staggs, senior and intramurals coordinator. “Everything’s in one place.”

Jessica Flynn, senior captain of the Outlaws women’s flag football team and intramural veteran, said the new system is ‘a turn for the better’ and has great potential.

Staggs said the new website is used by intramural programs at bigger schools across the country and those schools have found it makes running intramural leagues easier for coordinators, team leaders, officials and players.

“It’s a quick, efficient means of becoming more involved with intramurals and really knowing what’s going on.” said Wil Ross, senior and intramural coordinator.

Ross said that JBU intramurals’ biggest goal is getting students to register.

“If you create an account, it’ll be there until after you graduate,” he said.

Ross hopes that fact leads to more turnout from students who are interested in intramurals but who were left out of the loop by the previous system.

“The best thing is that individual players can look for and sign up on a team,” said Staggs.

In the past, forming teams was the burden of team captains who would have to recruit players and sign up for them.

Schedules would have to be built week-to-week and shared through email.

Now, players can sign up for teams by themselves and look up schedules online.

Also, deadlines are more flexible with free agents, that is, players without a team, able to sign up until a week or so into the season.

All of those factors should, according to Ross, make joining and playing intramurals easier than ever.

“We want to make sure that every student wants to play intramurals gets the opportunity to,” said Ross.

“The way that the teams can look for players and free agents can sign with teams, it’s a way that a community can be built and we can get more participation,” said Flynn.

1) Go to
2) Click “Create Account” in the upper right corner.
3) Select John Brown and sign in using your JBU email.
4) Click on the provided link in the email sends you.

Sign up-
1) Login
2) On the top 3 tabs (Home, Player Card, John Brown University) click on ‘John Brown University.’
3) Click ‘open’ next to the league you want to join.
4) From there you can view team members, create a new team, or sign up for an existing team.