Boots make for an “UGG”ly trend

Hopefully this winter won’t be as ugly as last winter. I love bundling up; adding jackets, coats, scarves and hats to my wardrobe is part of what makes winter a season I thoroughly enjoy. Even though we only had a little snow scare one day last year, things were not pretty. There were young ladies everywhere causing me to roll my eyes. “UGGs” are horrible. I may admit that they look comfortable, but they are not a fashion statement.

The inside of the boots is supposedly made of sheep skin, which regulate the temperature inside to keep your feet from sweating. They come in a variety of colors and styles, none of which I think look attractive.

The first time I saw a pair of “UGG’s” I thought that they were weird and that nobody would wear them. I was wrong. I think that just about every girl I know owns a pair of “UGG’S” or at least a fake pair that look similar. I see them on men and women. The intern for my choir program during my senior year in high school had a pair he wore with his jeans. I am guessing that he was trying to hide the fact he liked them, but once an ugly shoe is seen as an ugly shoe in my eyes it will always be an ugly shoe.

You can’t make the shoe look good. The only way to wear them and actually make sense is with sweat pants or with jeans and a t-shirt. If you wear them this way you are obviously not trying to impress anyone, and won’t. When you go outside of these boundaries, you have gone way too far. I don’t care how cute your shorts are, where you got the dress, or what planet you are from, “UGG’s” are not to be worn as an item to complete a perfectly sane outfit. If you are running to the store I can understand slipping on whatever is the quickest, but don’t wear your “UGG’s” to church, a wedding, to the club, or any event for that matter.

I hope that with other trends just around the bend, it being close to the holiday season, that the “UGG’s” will be put away or even thrown away. Maybe SAC should invite the television show “What Not to Wear” to come and raid the closets of JBU. They could teach our students how to put outfits together, because if people think that they can get away with ruining outfits with “UGG’s” we are going to spiral down a hideous path of poorly dressed horror.

I hope that you wouldn’t wear your “UGG’s” to a job interview. Would you wear them while on television? I hope that the answer is no. I also hope that from now on when you ask yourself if “UGG’s” look ok with your outfit that you can gain all sense and say no. Yes they are comfortable, and you could probably stay on your feet in them all day, but there is no good time of day to wear them, except when you are not trying. Do yourself a favor and throw them out and buy yourself a nice pair of high heels and learn to walk in those. It is easy to find a sturdy pair of leather boots. Your boss will love them and maybe they will attract your soul mate so you can get that ring by spring. As for this winter I am sure that you can find a better option and refrain from being “UGG”ly. Maybe you can add them to your Halloween costume. I’d scream.