Looking into views on both sides of the election: Obama

The room silences, the loquacious words of a highly eloquent speaker fills my ears with the promise of, that’s right, C-H-A-N-G-E. I can feel my inner patriot stir as I am lifted to my feet in a surge of passion, I agree, our nation needs change.

Obama’s plan has been on this route the past four years. Why not let the plan continue to change America into a safer, more intelligent and better country? Those sound like positive things a country should want to achieve, and to be honest, four more years would allow him time to enact more positive changes to America.

Obama, your words pour into my ears like the sweet honey of Arkansas, making me believe that our nation can be securely led under your capable plan. Your push for the furthering of women’s rights and nationwide health care tug at my empathetic nature, which StrengthsQuest has so bluntly pointed out is one of my top five strengths.

Contrary to popular belief, maybe women should not be solely confined to the kitchen or the consuming task of raising children. Perhaps, if women were truly equal—as Obama has pushed for—our country would not be feuding over petty political alliances and stepping on each other’s toes. Rather, the UN would have spa night and rom-com marathons, coming together over the hotness of Channing Tatum or discussing how to overcome the I-make-more-money-than-him issue of snagging a boyfriend.

And on health care, I would love if the emergency rooms were less crowded with problems that could be more efficiently fixed in a doctor’s office. By voting Obama, I am proving my inner humanitarian, or just my inner wanting to play God by healing and feeding the world?


His silver, white-streaked mane flows in the wind as he approaches the podium. Yes, he could definitely star in a hit drama series about the interworkings and stresses of the presidential office, any commander in chief fans out there? Handsome, successful AND rich. Sounds like the nation’s new triple threat if you ask me.

Perhaps he could use his good looks and shrewd financial skills to get America out of all the troubling foreign policy in which we are currently entangled. That would be a real step towards freedom in America, freedom from uncomfortable and confusing foreign entanglements.

Romney’s track sheet is spectacular, because in case you have not heard, he is the savior of Massachusetts. He has made a lot of progress for the state as a whole. To be honest, it is quite impressive how he has single-handedly saved the residents of Massachusetts from outrageous taxes, better health care and better education.

His fiery run against Obama has been one of the most talked about elections of this century. The list goes on concerning what Romney can add to America’s image. Perhaps a needed touch of class, considering he is so fond of boating and vacays in New Hampshire. Of course this means, the middle-class American in me identifies 100 percent with Romney’s lifestyle. He is a champion for the average American with his fancy dinners, huge house, and selective palate.

On the topic of women, Romney is an interesting opponent to Obama. I do not understand why a majority of American women hate him. Seriously, telling a woman what to do with HER body is only natural. Romney would know what having an abortion is like, and he would definitely understand that by putting high restrictions on access to birth control, he is saving sexuality from the evils of promiscuity.

So, how well did you choose?