Contest invites students’ art to brighten Walker’s walls

Walker hosted its first art show, “The Art Project,” on Tuesday. “The Art Project” featured student-submitted works to replace the current pictures in Walker’s lounges and halls.

The Walker resident assistants have been contemplating the idea of an art show for some time now.

The current pictures of “flowers, fruit, and a random sideways map of Europe” were described by residents and resident assistants as “bland,” “nasty,” and “hotel lobby artwork.”

“I wouldn’t say that they’re hideous, but…no one wants to notice them,” said sophomore and Walker resident Alisha Kaub.

“I hope [The Art Project] brings a sense of ownership in Walker,” said Andrew Lehr, Walker’s resident director.

The theme for “The Art Project” was an aesthetic interpretation of the concept of abiding, as described in John 15. Kaub said the theme was a challenge artistically.

“It was such a complicated idea,” Kaub said.

The contest was a formal gathering to which all Walker was invited.

The artworks were judged by a panel of guest judges: Mindy Stevenson, international education coordinator; Austin Robertson, resident director of the townhouses; Lehr’s wife Maria, Honors academic advisor; and senior Starr Harmon, a resident assistants in Walker.

Out of 20 to 30 submissions, three were chosen to adorn Walker.

The winners of the contest were sophmores Kyle Dyer and Molly Tester and junior Stephanie Willis.