Give respect to earn respect

Privacy plays a major role in our lifestyle, yet you always have that certain individual or group of people who try to weasel into your lifestyle. Everyone is entitled to their privacy and no one should try to put pressure on another person to expose their private agenda. For instance, if you ask, “What did you do this weekend?” Or, “What does your faith look like?” Most common responses would be to open up to that person, not being aware of the outcome of the conversation. Another response will most likely be, “None of your concern.” In other words, what that person did this weekend is for them to know, not for you. What is really interesting is that as soon as the person receives this response, they all of the sudden feel offended or call you ‘rude.’

Listen, however that person lives his/her life, it’s their business and they are entitled to their privacy, unless they invite you in. That’s like inviting yourself into your neighbor’s house without them inviting you inside in the first place. That there is just plain rude and trifling.

The next time you play 21 questions with someone and their response is notifying you that it’s none of your concern or if it’s just a one word response to your questions, don’t take it as an insult, because that person may not trust you, either dislikes you, thinks you’re approaching them in a self-righteous way or maybe you’re just awkward. You never know. Privacy could mean everything to someone.

So the next time you ask a friend or stranger a series of question and you receive these kinds of responses, don’t feel insulted, but respect their response and their privacy. You wouldn’t want anyone trying to invade your privacy, would you?