JBU Harlem Shake success

By now, we should all know about the ever so popular, Harlem Shake. The dance made its debut on the JBU campus last Wednesday in efforts to lighten the mood and bring back some of J. Alvin’s former glory. Many people have seen the videos all over Facebook and YouTube of friends joining in on the fun at their various campuses; however, we wanted to be able to experience the fun here on our campus as well. I know…what conformers. Then there are the other people who are so sick of seeing the videos that when they heard of the dance plans, they refused to even acknowledge its outrageous presence. I know…what hipsters.

The idea first popped up during lunch with Sarah Cate. We wanted to take advantage of the first real snow fall on campus this year, so while people were in high spirits and were already partaking in snowball fights and building snowmen, we decided to go for it. We spread word as quickly as possible and rushed around trying to throw everything together within the hour. Texts were sent and statuses were updated; however, I wasn’t worried because I knew people would come as soon as they heard the music on the quad. People showed up wearing anything from 80’s neon, to tank tops, to a wetsuit and sombrero, to a basketball jersey to their normal attire.

The video turned out to be a success. We had over 50 people partake, which helped spike interest around campus. It was decided that we would redo the video on Thursday around the same time. I wasn’t able to partake in the festivities, but I’ve heard it was a success as well. Even the Star Wars act in the Talent Show incorporated the dance into their routine for the 9:00 p.m. show, which gave even more people the chance to jump on stage and have fun. They sacrificed a possible win for fame and glory. There are also rumors of a JBU Admissions routine being planned incorporating Lauren Pemberton and Joey Morningstar, but you didn’t hear that from me. So some people may be against dancing like a maniac in public, but in my opinion, we are creating memories, controversy and fun!

Type “JBU Harlem Shake” in the YouTube search bar to see the original video and the sequel done by your fellow students!