Area business leaders serve Enactus students

Enactus project leaders visited and talked with the Business Advisory Board members to ask for advice on how to enhance their projects during a meeting on Feb. 27.

The board members are a committee of John Brown University alumni and others committed to giving advice, encouragement and aid to Enactus project leaders so they can effectively lead and stabilize their projects.

Sophomore Seagan Harmon, the Enactus vice president of supporter engagement, said the board was very helpful, and all the project leaders took their advice.

The board members passed on their experience in business to the leaders of the Small Business Summit, Guatemala Water Project, World Trade Expo and Sahakkum.

Most of the Enactus leaders asked the defining question of how to motivate their team members.

Charles Greathouse, Enactus advisory board member, told junior Sovannary Cheng that there are three things to be put in place for others to follow.

“You need to have a well rounded vision, conviction and encouragement. Make it simple for your team,” Greathouse said.

Erin Cuccia, a board member who spoke to World Trade Expo’s leaders, said the responsibilities of the team members have to be clearly defined.

After the meeting, junior Meghan Kenney said it was very encouraging to hear what the board members had to say.

Kenney is the project leader of the Small Business Summit. She asked her advisors how to specialize and measure improvement in her project.

“Do something on a smaller scale. Be successful with one [business] rather than kind of successful in two,” said Kenney’s advisor Rena Connor. “Focus in so that we can have better results.”