Coat and tie event celebrates artistic skill

Black top hats, long elegant dresses, white button-up shirts and an overall air of class filled the Berry Performing Arts Center Friday night for the seventh annual Arties, hosted by the Visual Art Foundry.

The Arties celebrate the work of Fine Arts and Communication students throughout the year for everything from musical production to graphic design.

The night began with the announcement of the winners from the Student Works Competition. Students submitted their favorite pieces to the student gallery and selected judges voted on the top three from various categories. See the adjoining table for winners.

The final award for the contest was a faculty choice, where the eight art faculty members chose their favorite work. With many strong competitors, sophomore Chloe Fennel was chosen to receive the award for her penned work, “Bubbles.”

“I was so surprised because I had some stuff in the Student Works show for illustration … but nothing that I considered best in show,” Fennel said. “I was very, very honored as well. I so respect all of their opinions.”

The show transitioned with the arrival of emcees Billy Stevenson, director of international studies, and his wife Mindi, international education coordinator, to the stage. Some technical difficulties added humor to their introduction.

“I was a bit unnerved when I discovered a little lady fiddling around in my behind,” Billy said of the stage tech fixing his microphone. “I don’t know who that was. But once I regained my focus, it was good.”

Apart from the technical difficulties, Billy thought the show went very well.

“My favorite part is just recognizing the talent we have on this campus,” he said. “It’s a rare and beautiful thing. Like I said at the beginning, these students have such a gift, and my hope and prayer is that they will never lose that gift, and they will never lose that passion and the desire to exploit it and go on to produce wonderful pieces of art for people to enjoy.”

The Stevensons went on to present the top performances in drama, music, communications and visual art. Winners are listed in the adjoining table.

One of the highlighted awards is a baby Artie, given to the Rookie of the Year, a freshman who displayed creativity, talent and a hard work ethic. Freshman Hannah Newsom took home the miniature Artie for her work in illustration.

“My favorite medium to work with is watercolor, so I do a lot of that,” Newsom said. “I’d like to do freelance illustration, primarily children’s books, but I’d like to do pretty much anything, album art to advertising to magazine stuff.”

The transition from the Community Building to the Berry Performing Arts Center allowed the show to almost double its attendance. Todd Goehner, associate professor of visual arts, said they wanted to make the move last year, but they did not have Windgate East for a reception area.

Students packed into the new art building for the after party with food and music.

“I’m blown away,” Goehner said. “Especially since we didn’t advertise much. The Visual Art Foundry did an unbelievable job.”

Student Works Competition:

Digital Art:
1st: Becca Masters
2nd: Gabrielle Bromling
3rd: Lindsey Gerke

1st: Shannon Henderson
2nd: Alyssa Duckworth
3rd: Elise Toevs

Fine Art (Drawing/Painting)
1st: Patrick Symons
2nd: Sarah Ridings
3rd: Sarah Ridings

Fine Art (Printmaking)
1st: Becca Masters
2nd: Claire Bascom
3rd: Patrick Symons

Commercial (Photography)
1st: Roberto Davila Navarrete
2nd: Jessica Williams
3rd: Tucker Cowie

Graphic Design:
1st: Caleb Khazoyan
2nd: Jose Garcia & Sergio Arguello
3rd: Megan Toney

1st: Jose Marroquin & Marcel Guadron
2nd: Stephen Greathouse
3rd: Kyle King

Faculty Choice Award: Chloe Fennel


Best Performance by Actor in a Drama: Chase Poage

Best Performance by Actress in a Drama: Meredith Sloan

Best Male Lead in a Musical: Austin Hinrichs

Best Female Lead in a Musical: Allison Miller

Best Stagehand: Ashley Grant

Editor of the Year: Jenny Redfern

Broadcaster of the Year: Erin King

Columnist of the Year: Sam Dinger

Illustrator: Starla Koehler

Photographer: Starla Koehler

Digital Art: Becca Masters

Cinema: Jose Marroquin

Fine Art: Claire Bascom

Graphic Design: Kara Underwood

Rookie of the Year: Hannah Newsom