Letter to the Editor: Clarity on JBU’s policy

College is the best time for asking difficult questions. JBU is committed to honoring, supporting and working with any and all students as they seek clarity about their identity and God’s calling on their lives.

JBU’s position, posture and expectation in regards to human sexuality and sexual behavior, including same-sex attraction and homosexuality, are simply and concisely the following: JBU calls all members of the community to fidelity in marriage and chastity in singleness. Furthermore, God’s wisdom and benevolent design for marriage is a lifelong commitment between one man and one woman.

This expectation is consistent with the historical position of the church and is the most reasonable understanding of general (nature) and special (Scripture) revelation.

JBU begins each year with a conversation about “Who we are.” In this orientation session with new students, the student development staff discusses our commitment to each individual and her or his uniqueness. We communicate the role that the community has in supporting and challenging each other. We discuss our commitment to letting Scripture guide and direct our thoughts and behaviors. And finally, we call each other to live with integrity. This is never an easy discussion nor is it easy to live out, but it is our covenant to each other.

May the Lord find us gracious and faithful,

Steve Beers, Vice President for Student Development, Athletics and Facilities