Food attitude: Thoughts on JBU’s new cafeteria

Sometimes you don’t know how good you have it. Actually, most of the time you don’t know how good you have it.

Since arriving at school, upperclassmen and faculty have been buzzing about how good the cafeteria is. It’s large enough so that you can actually talk to your friends without raising your voice. If you don’t want a burger, pizza, the day’s entre or a salad, your choice is no longer limited to a sandwich. There’s the vegetarian bar, the tocoria, the stir-fry stand and scrumptious desserts to turn to when life gets rough.

The food has taste. There’s variety. Sometimes it’s exotic. You’re not hungry 30 minutes after finishing your food. You actually enjoy your meal.

This year’s freshmen do not seem to feel the same way. We the Threefold would like to enlighten them. We don’t understand when we see dissatisfied and occasionally rude comments pinned onto the cafeteria’s bulletin board, because most of us were here last year, and last year, the food wasn’t nearly as good.

We know most of the freshmen have just said goodbye to Mom’s cooking and that any new options will probably be a step downhill. Thankfully, however, JBU’s number one StrengthsQuest result is adaptability, so the freshmen will get used to it in no time.

Seeing complaints on the board have brought us to another realization: returners had no right to complain last year, either. Before the current juniors and seniors arrived, the cafeteria had fewer options than last year’s buffets, and the upperclassmen of their day were thankful for the improvements they noticed as the semesters passed. Years before, the school did not have a cafeteria. And all around the world people aren’t being fed anything at all.

We the Threefold want to acknowledge this year’s blessings and, in particular, appreciate our cafeteria—for the services of this year, as well as of the years past. John Brown University has had it good, and we know it.