Creative Dining brings seasonal favorites to Cali

The air is getting crisper and cooler. The sweatshirts and boots are peeking from their summer hibernation. As fall makes its appearance, it has permeated to most of the hot spots on campus, including JBU’s own California Café. As students and faculty walk in, they are now greeted by the framed photos of Starbucks’s limited edition fall drinks displayed on the Cali’s counter.

Since the change of JBU’s food service provider, many students have been discussing the changes they have noticed in the cafeteria and California Café. Starbucks still remained on campus through the switch by signing a contract with Creative Dining Services to provide a full and now more extensive coffee bar, thus providing more options to students and faculty then Aramark did in the past.

With this change, more students may decide to stay on campus, instead of hitting the local coffee shops for their favorite handcrafted beverages,

California Café employee Becky Watts said that students seem to be enjoying the new fall editions to the Starbucks menu.

“A lot of people order the pumpkin spice latte—they all really seem to like that one. That’s the most popular one,” said Watts.

In years past, the Starbucks on campus was contracted through JBU’s previous food provider, Aramark, and only offered a limited menu. Most of the options were basics and did not offer seasonal favorites, such as the Pumpkin Spice Latte, Salted Carmel Mocha, or the new Chocolate Spiced Chai, which is now being offered through the Creative Dining Services contract.

“In part to the new company in charge, it’s more expanded now and they asked for the new drinks to come in,” said Watts.

Senior Jayme Amonsen said she was on her way to test the Cali’s newly featured fall drink, the pumpkin spice latte, but holds high expectations for the beverage.

“I’m kind of a coffee snob,” said Jayme Amonsen.

As a senior, Amonsen was used to the Cali’s old and more limited Starbucks menu for the majority of her stay at JBU.

“I’ve been disappointed with coffee on this campus before, so I try not to get too excited about it,” said Amonsen.

Amonsen notes that the change to the Starbucks on campus is an upgrade from the years past and that most students will enjoy the newly added fall themed beverages.

Amonsen still drops by the Cali for the pure convenience but adds that she still likes to support the small independent coffee places in the area.

“I definitely like Café on Broadway—I tend to like the local stuff,” Amonsen said.