Fulfill your calling, Get to know Siloam Springs

Within the safe confines of the JBU bubble, we often forget there’s a world out there. Sometimes, we forget we live in a town… a town that expands beyond our college campus.

God has given each of us an average of four years to spend in Siloam Springs. We The Threefold Advocate believe students should use these years to invest in and become a part of the city’s community.

Whether we like it or not, what happens in Siloam affects us. Changes in tax codes can potentially change the cost of tuition. The city’s building investments affect our choices in recreational activities.

Two years ago, the city expanded JBU skateboarders’ horizons by renovating the park’s skateboard ramps. This year, the city is considering creating a new park in South Siloam—an area that would offer JBU students an additional place to shrug off the stresses of school and have fun. These and others are places we as Siloam residents are privileged to enjoy.

We urge students to take advantage of all the city has to offer. Attend annual events such as the Dogwood Festival. Tour the Siloam Springs Museum. Peruse the shops on Main Street and take a dip in Sager Creek.

Plug into a local church and get to know true Siloam residents, and support your town by praying for its leaders and involving yourselves in local ministries.

Many of us have stories to share of how God called us to JBU. We need to remember these same stories tell of how God led us to Siloam Springs, Ark.