Golden Eagles sweep Ozark

The John Brown University men’s basketball team won their game Tuesday against Ozark Christian College 97-10 in Bill George Arena.

The men led the game early on, setting the score 11-6 by the 16-minute mark.

The first JBU basket was scored by Max Hopfgartner, no. 35, followed by Gilbert Gyamfi, no. 12.

Despite having strong passes, the Golden Eagles missed multiple shot attempts due to a strong Ozark defense.

Even after falling behind, Ozark didn’t give up. They achieved multiple rebound possessions and a few baskets with 12 minutes left in the first half, only tailing JBU by seven points.

The Golden Eagles didn’t let the attempted comeback last long.

A Gyamfi interception and a pass to Kofi Josephs, no. 23, led to a Golden Eagle basket, giving JBU a solid ten-point lead with ten minutes left in the half.

Gyamfi shook off an apparent wrist injury that gave OCC a foul at the 5:15 mark allowing Golden Eagle free throws.

In the last two seconds of the half, Quinton Smith, no. 20, made a basket, setting the halftime score at 49-28.

OCC had plenty of opportunities to score in the first half, but all of their attempts were either blocked by JBU defense or simply had poor follow through.

Ozark came in strong at the start of the second half, netting two baskets in the first three minutes.

Josephs broke the OCC brief scoring streak with a three-point basket at 18:18, setting the score at 52-34.

With 10:26 left in the game, Josephs netted a three-pointer, furthering the Golden Eagles lead to 74-48.

The last ten minutes of the game featured several more JBU baskets from Kurtis Phillips, no. 25, Josephs, Gyamfi, Zach English, no. 11, and Kileab Ammons, no. 22,

The men will face Central Baptist tonight at 7 p.m. in Bill George Arena.