Seize your college years

When I was asked to write periodically for the Opinions section of the newspaper, my initial thoughts were to write a controversial article about whether leggings were pants or why Mayfield gets handicap points in the basketball dorm competition.

Sure, those things would make great press. But, honestly, the last thing we need is another debate that runs in circles.

Instead, I would rather write a love letter. This is a love letter to the college student.

So, you’re in college. In fact, you’re here at a Christian university trying to make the most of your college experience while simultaneously attempting to plan your quickly approaching post-college life.

I’m sure you’ve heard all the things that I have about our generation: we think we’re entitled, we believe we are too special, and we accrue the highest debt of all the generations.

Stop listening.

Yes, I said it. Free yourself of the things that you can’t change, namely, our generation.

You are a college student and that is pretty hard, if we’re being honest. Without worrying about all the faults of our generation, doing college life is difficult enough.

Of course, these things won’t disappear. Debt is a real thing and most of us will be graduating with it. But did you know that many of your peers successfully pay off college debt approximately five years or less after graduation by working hard and living frugally?

Your debt is not insurmountable.

Also, when people say that your college years are the best years of your life, they aren’t kidding. I know I am not a graduate and therefore cannot speak with experience, but I do know that when I meet a 60-year-old who speaks fondly of his or her college years that college truly must be a special time.

So don’t waste it. Don’t be afraid to be broken and, in effect, be healed. Be silly—people expect it of you anyway (those darn college kids!). Dance around your room in your underwear and wear different colored socks. This letter is for you.

Unfortunately, you won’t get these college years back, so I hope you utilize them well. I pray you find freedom during these college years, and that you remember them fondly.