Soldiers: rise up!

During my military experience I was taught the “Battle Buddy System.” This system is equally important to Christians in the Body of Christ in order to not leave each other behind, work together to achieve a common goal and further God’s kingdom. I wrote a guide to show others how to support each other, and the world.

I want to challenge each and every one of you to step outside of your comfort zone. We as Christians have a responsibility to be Good Samaritans. Our society is lacking true godly leadership. Be that person who boldly steps into the unknown through the guidance of the Holy Spirit in order to impact others’ lives. Be the light, be a world changer and please know that you have a “Battle Buddy” here that loves you as brother in Christ, cares about your needs and would take a bullet for you.

I refuse to leave you behind. You will never be forgotten; let’s finish this race together. My brothers and sisters, this soldier is here to inspire, motivate, encourage, pray, lead and serve with you!

A battle buddy is someone who helps you with everything you do. A battle buddy is there for you in case something happens, like falling down. The act of falling down can be both literal and metaphorical, but it essentially means that no matter what, you are not alone. Your buddy has your back. You both stick together and cover each other in times of adversity. Life can be a stressful series of challenges, obstacles and storms.

To be a Battle Buddy:

1. Be accountable to God, authority and to each other.
2. Provide support, care and encouragement to your buddy.
3. Communicate and share important information with each other.
4. Train and help each other to accomplish a common mission.
5. Defend and protect each other from danger. Stand for justice.
6. Serve the needs of your team, organization and community.
7. Engage together in warfare to defeat and destroy the enemy.