Hail to the chief: meet SGA President Mathers

If you did not know Barack Obama was the President of the United States, people would say you had been living under a rock for the past six years. So why do so many students not know who the President of our Student Government Association is?

Meet Elizabeth Mathers. Mathers has worked in SGA for two years and is an active Siloam Springs resident. She loves giving to her community and working with people.

And so she has. As SGA President, Mathers deals with writing countless emails and reorganizing files. She does fun things on the job as well. Her favorite part of her job is going to meetings with the board of trustees.

“All the members are so passionate. It’s encouraging to hear what they have to say,” Mathers said.

Every week, Mathers heads up the SGA meetings and works hard with her officers, senators, faculty and staff to effect change on campus. She also works with the student body, taking suggestions and listening to complaints. Her list of things to do varies from changing burnt-out light bulbs to helping get students better, faster internet on campus.

Mathers also works hard outside of school. She devotes her heart to serving others through involvement with local city council campaigns, volunteering with Main Street Siloam, teaching grade school children at church and directing the Sunday night children’s ministry.

While Mathers is dedicated to her work with both her local community and SGA, she also enjoys spending time at Pour Jons and watching an eclectic mix of movies. She also takes time for recreational reading, including the emotional, historical drama of “The Book Thief” and the practical yet profound book “Lead Like Jesus.”

Following her grandparents, her mother and her mother’s siblings, Mathers will be a third-generation University alumna.

“I didn’t want to come to JBU at first,” she said.

But she soon fell in love with the school’s culture and the professors’ openness about their faith, as well as the spiritual challenges encountered in her classes. “That definitely affected why I chose JBU and what I chose to do here,” Mathers said.

Once she finishes her last semester, Mathers plans to take a year off from school before pursuing her master’s degree. She dreams of working in social work or counseling, as she “loves hearing people’s stories, from all walks of life.” Mathers is excited to pursue this avenue of career and continue to serve others.

“I want to use my faith as a basis to show people love through service,” Mathers said.