Student Activities unveils rebrand

The former Student Activities Committee (SAC) has been a committee on campus dedicated to having a goal of hosting one event each weekend since 2005.

The goal is still the same, however, Student Activities revised their name to Student Events and Activities (SEA).

“We have been separate from Student Government Association for nine years now,” said Danielle Keller, Student Activities & Orientation coordinator. “For the past few years it has worked, but we knew it could be better. We had a desire to maximize the team dynamic and take it to the next level. There is value in working in a team.”

Keller explained that SAC had three divisions: BLU Entertainment, Elevate and Vibe. While BLU Entertainment will stay separate from SEA, the idea of having individual directors changed to having a director team for hosting both off campus and on campus events.

Rachel Bannert and Meghan Kenney together hold the title of Director of Student Events and Activities.

Both knew there was a possibility of the rebranding while they went through the hiring process. Once the idea became more of a reality in August, they each played a role in coming up with the new name for the team.

“When we came back to campus early August, Danielle has talked about us rebranding,” Kenney said. “We literally had a white board of acronyms trying to come up with a new, catchy name.”

Kenney credits Bannert with the acronym SEA, which eventually caught on.

“We didn’t really fall in love with the name until Seth Kaye started as the communication director in January,” Kenney said.

Bannert mentioned the importance of the acronym and how the team feels as if it holistically communicated their goals and values.

“Some people feel as if ‘events’ and ‘activities’ are synonyms, but they’re pretty distinct. At the end of the day, we do both things,” Bannert said.