Behind the scenes- Women’s basketball practice

In an empty Bill George Arena with popcorn kernels and soda lids from the previous nights game all over the bleachers, the Golden Eagle women’s basketball team gathered for practice.

The girls began warming up by taking 3-point baskets and stretching, the team split between the two sides of the court.

Head coach Jeff Soderquist and assistant coach Von Eshnaur watched intently, preparing to get the practice started.

With a loss the night before against Oklahoma City as well as a game the next day to prepare for, the team was focused and ready to work.

Soderquist then called the girls to mid-court after a quick water break where everyone grabbed hands, circling the eagle, and shared in a team prayer.

The team split back into two and went to their respective sides of the court where they began working on drills.

The sense of unity among the team could be sensed without anyone saying a word.

On one end of the court, half of the team began working on free-throw shots, each player with their own unique method of shot preparation.

The team then gathered together again and was split into “blue” and “white” teams.Soderquist then began to discuss the issues he had noticed in previous games that they would begin to work on.

“I think this is a situation that gave us a little trouble second half,” Soderquist explained to his team.

He then rehashed the different scenarios that had caught the Golden Eagles by surprise and caused more harm than good.

Soderquist explained a solution to the challenge presented such as stopping the ball in transition and not letting the other team get possession of rebound balls.

“I think that will frustrate them,” Soderquist said to the team.

This practice was taking place the night before Monday’s game against Wayland Baptist, a game that the Golden Eagles won 72-63.

During the game, senior Sierra Shipley set a career-high 28 points.

The Golden Eagles will face Texas Wesleyan tonight at 6 p.m..