New Event Director jumps right into busy spring schedule

A new face joined John Brown University as the Director of University Events on Jan. 27, 2014.

A recent College of the Ozarks graduate, Rebecca Huff moved to Siloam Springs in December of 2013 after marrying John Brown University student, Calvin Huff.

“I applied to several jobs around town, but I knew I wanted to work here the most,” Huff said. “I thought it would be the best fit. It’s a lot like the college I graduated from.”

Huff’s degree from College of the Ozarks is in Restaurant and Hotel Management.

“The job was perfect for me. With my degree, I have had a lot of banquet and catering event management classes. It was a perfect fit,” Huff said.

Because she jumped into the job in the middle of the year, Huff has already taken part in planning and executing many events on campus. She says this has been the hardest part, but she is getting used to it.

“I jumped right in around Family Weekend and Scholarship Weekend,” Huff said. “I’ve also done things for visit days. Being brand new and jumping into long standing events has been crazy.”

On a daily basis, Huff can be found keeping event request forms in order, making sure rooms and décor is reserved for upcoming events and processing information for events.

She has to maintain the events calendar with both internal and external events.

Huff mentioned that her favorite part about working at the University is being able to integrate her degree with her job.

“I’ve enjoyed being able to use my degree and the stuff I learned in college and actually applying it to a real world job,” Huff said. “It’s nice because I feel like I can use the four year degree I got and put it to good use.”

She also has enjoyed being able to eat lunch and spend time with her husband during the day.

During the time that Rebecca and Calvin were dating and through their engagement, there were more than two hours separating them. Now, Calvin is glad to have her a lot closer.

“The best part is definitely getting to see each other on a daily basis,” He said. “There was more than two hours separating us the entire time we dated and were engaged, so being able to work and go to school on the same campus is surreal. We go to lunch together a couple times a week and I can sneak coffee and snacks in to her when she’s having an off day.”

Huff mentioned that she felt honored to be called for an interview and excited to work at the university.

“I like the relationships here. I love everyone who works here,” Huff said. “Everyone is nice and friendly. I really have enjoyed getting to know everyone.”

She also feels as if she has integrated well into the staff, despite her young age.

“Everyone has been very welcoming. I’m sure they are all aware I am just a college graduate, and even the same age as a lot of the students here,” Huff said. “But I am hoping that I will be able to prove myself through my professionalism and that my age will not be an issue anymore.”