Students to participate in Nutrition Month

The John Brown University campus will participate in National Nutrition month this March. The University seeks to help students make better health and eating choices. With the help of Nurse Rhonda Hostler and the University’s dining services, the University will create “Eco-fit.”

This program will consist of four to six people, who are struggling with their weight and want to make some life changes.

“Some will think it is similar to the ‘Biggest Loser’ but completely different,” Hostler said.

A dietitian will advise participants on what to eat in order to obtain a healthy lifestyle.

“As a college student, you could choose to eat healthy or not,” Hostler said. “But with the help of this program they can remind you to eat healthy on a weekly basis.”

More than 60 percent of U.S. adults do not engage in the recommended amount of physical activity, stated Surgeon General Boris D. Lushniak. National Nutrition Month will bring a heightened focus on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits, said Hostler.

Hostler has worked for the University for the last three years. During the month of March, she seeks inform students and other community members the importance of health and physical activity.

The benefits of physical activity, according to the Surgeon General, include helping to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and fostering improvements in mood and feelings of wellbeing, stated the Surgeon General. It also helps control weight, develop lean muscles and reduce body fat. Hostler believes good eating habits and physical activity could help students on campus to reduce and improve the stress of college and adult life.

“Being an on-campus activity, the participants can receive support from the JBU community and help them move forward,” Hostler said.

The Surgeon General also has stated that social supports from family and friends has consistently and positively have been related to physical activity.

“If you’re ready to make a change and better yourself, come see me,” Hostler said. “I’m ready to help those who are willing.”

Senior Dori Bobo feels that focusing on Nutrition Month will be positive for the campus but not a lot of people will be willing to participate.

“Once hearing about Eco-fit, it will be great, but they need to create other activities like Zumba or weight lifting competitions to keep people interested,” said Bobo.

Bobo also felt that the dietitian will give Eco-fit more credibility.

“If the kinesiology students became involved with the program as trainers, they would motivate their friends to participate, making more people willing to get involved and making the campus more health-successful,” Bobo said.

Students interested in signing up for Eco-fit may contact Hostler in the Walker Student Center for more information.