Trustees build relationships with students

Recently, the Board of Trustees met on campus to attend several meetings, dedicate the new fountain and meet with a select group of student over breakfast to get to know them better.

The Board is currently comprised of 30 members, 15 of which are alumni. The remaining 15 are connected to the University in various ways.

Bridging the gap between the students and the Board has been a long-time goal of the University and the Board.

They have done other activities in the past to get to know the students. But this past weekend, they wanted to focus on getting to know them on a more personal level.

Student Development coordinated the conversational breakfast on Saturday for the Board’s visit in an effort to bring students from a variety of years and majors to sit down and connect with the Board.

Two to three students were paired with one Board member to talk about the students’ studies, their time at the University and their aspirations after graduation.

“Meeting with students, and seeing firsthand how each of their lives grow both spiritually and academically is a real treat for the Board,” said Michael Kairis, a University Board member.

At the beginning of the breakfast, students introduced themselves to their Board members and shared their insights of the University, what they loved most about it or what they felt it could improve on.

The Board said they would take what the students had to say for future action.

By the end of the breakfast, several tables closed their time together in praying for each other, the University and the possibility of doing more events like this in the future.

Andre Broquard, dean of students, was one of the coordinators of the breakfast and handpicked which students would sit with Board members. He knew the students well and knew which members of the Board with whom they would best fit.