Student musician strives to uplift

After two attempted musical groups fizzled away, sophomore Caleb Garrett’s musical prowess is finally paying off. Starting his musical career as a hobby, Garrett evolved his hobby into a living passion.

He began playing the fiddle at the age of 10, and over time, picked up the guitar and mandolin. However, it wasn’t until this past year that his self-titled country band finally started taking off.

With a sound that ranges from 1940s country to modern southern rock, Caleb Garrett is a platform for music ministry. Lyrically, the band tells stories of real life struggles, Garrett states, because “even Christians need to hear what real life sounds like sometimes.” The track “Something Timeless,” from his album with the same name, tells a story of Garrett’s grandfather and how he joined Christianity.

Uplifting stories such as these are the features in Caleb Garrett’s lyrics. They want to “help people through what they’re going through” and show a realistic side to human behavior.

When “Caleb Garrett” had their first show, they had a low turnout with only a handful of arrivals. They powered through to a second show where the “place was full before [they] left.” Their dedication paid off when their third show took place at the Tontitown Grape Festival, where they opened for the national country act Granger Smith, entertaining a crowd of 3,000 people.

Austin Rider, a good friend to Garrett, attested that one of the main reasons Garrett started the band “is because of his walk with Christ.” He believes that anyone can use music as a ministry to get others through struggles and obstacles they may face in life.
Caleb Garrett wants to remind their listeners that “someone out there feels the same way you do.” The band uses their spotlight as a position for storytelling and as a service to fellow Christians.

As far as future plans for the band, Garrett stated that he would “roll with it and thank God because without him [he] wouldn’t be doing any of this.”