Joy of Motion

Anna Buck, owner of the Joy of Motion dance studio, specializes in teaching girls the art of confidence and grace.

When she began taking ballet at 7 years old, Anna Buck quickly grew to love it. Continuing with classes throughout high school, Buck became an associate of the Royal Academy of Dance. She has also studied under countless professionals in the industry.

Today, Buck is the owner of Joy of Motion dance studio in Siloam Springs, Ark., where she teaches girls the art of confidence and grace through dance.

Buck attended John Brown University where she majored in exercise studies and participated in the Great Abandon Dance Ministry. Buck, while a student, began teaching dance and ballet classes at the Walton Lifetime Health Complex and continued teaching classes even after graduating.

Realizing she was ready to take the next step in her career, Buck started looking for a place to establish a studio in December of 2012. In January of this year, that plan was fulfilled.

“It wasn’t my plan at all to teach as my job and to have my own studio,” Buck said. “It started off as this little group of kids and it kind of grew into something bigger.”

Buck has a lot of goals for the future of her studio, the most pressing being to teach her students about confidence and how to appreciate their bodies. Buck says that there is a lot of pressure to look a certain way, especially with young girls. Buck combats that by teaching her girls ballet.

“I want them to have a healthy understanding of using their body in a way that’s healthy and appreciating what God’s given them,” Buck said.

As their teacher, Buck says that one of the biggest rewards comes from seeing her students learn to love themselves and ballet.

Tasha, the mother of one of Buck’s students, agrees.

Her 8 year old daughter, Carys, has been taking ballet classes for four years, and Tasha says she can see the difference. She says that at first, it was just a fun activity, but that ballet has grown to be something her daughter treats as her “job.” Tasha said:

“There’s a beauty to it that’s just really neat.”