Save Mock Rock II: tradition nearly dies again

The lack of involvement in campus productions has surfaced as a continuing trend in the past years. All of the usual people flock to the stage, with only the occasional new face amongst the crowd of already-known stars. The Next Big Thing and the talent show, while dearly loved events, have become somewhat predictable: everyone knows which gifted students will perform. Hidden talents stay hidden. Very little of the unexpected takes place.

As a whole the John Brown University student body comes across as a shy school, hesitant to get involved in activities that will publicize our faces across campus. We The Threefold Advocate challenge the student body to break out of its comfort zone and get involved in campus productions.

The irony of the lack of campus involvement is somewhat perplexing in light of the fact that students truly do appreciate and look forward to campus events. We anticipate Mock Rock’s arrival and hope it lives, but very few of us are willing to participate in the event in order to ensure that it does.

It’s hard to take the risk and chance making a fool of yourself on stage, especially at a school where everyone recognizes your face and knows who you are. But what better time to go crazy than in college, before the transition to maturely restrained adulthood?

It’s a busy point in the semester, and there are a thousand legitimate excuses for not participating in an event like Mock Rock. But if we all succumb to busyness, who will be left to grace the stage and give students something to look forward to?

As students attending a small university, each member of the student body plays a role in setting the tone on campus. In a school this size, students can’t afford to be timid if we want our traditions to live on. Sometimes we must decide not to take ourselves too seriously and risk the fun and embarrassment involved in stepping onto the cathedral’s stage and trying something new.

John Brown University: lose the apathy, pop out of your comfort zones and invest in the events that give our school character!