Month: March 2015

(From left to right) Walter Medrano, Andrea Rodriguez and Alex Paniagua

Walton scholars eager to serve

John Brown University serves as a temporary home for 59 Walton scholars from Latin America. Three of these scholars, Walter Medrano, Andrea Rodriguez and Alex Paniagua, expressed their plans to return home and serve their communities. May marks the 30th anniversary of the Walton International Scholarship Program (WISP). The program […]


Violence strikes in India, students respond

In Nagaland, India, 42 students were arrested for being connected with the mob and for beating and lynching a rape suspect in the streets of Dimapur. Last week a mob surrounded a prison in Dimapur and dragged a suspected rapist out on to the streets where he was stripped naked, […]


Spring break trips emphasize service

This year John Brown University plans to take spring break missions trips to New Orleans, La., Jackson, Miss. and Miami, Fla. Student development is giving students the opportunity to participate in missions in hopes of furthering community development in those areas. While the general goal of all the trips is […]


Formula for cheaper flights causes lawsuit

Finding cheap one-way flight prices is a challenge when traveling, especially during holidays. Zaman Aktarer, 22, is now being sued for discovering a path to cheaper flights. Zaman “launched a site to help people buy cheap plane tickets,” and United Airlines is suing for $75,000, according to CNN. His site, […]

Joel Armstrong discusses his work with peers at at the opening night of his work in Art Windgate East on March 5.

Rust and gold combined for artistic purpose

MG100 paintings by Joel Armstrong opened to the public at John Brown University last Tuesday. Armstrong is an associate professor of visual arts and teaches illustration and drawing at the University. He teaches his students to remain consistent with their work, which in turn helps him to stay consistent with […]

JBU graduate Jacob Moore shares his opinion on alcohol consumption post graduation from the University.

Residence life discusses alcohol post graduation

Residence Life held a forum last week about making the decision to drink alcohol after college. The forum, titled ‘This Discerning Life,’ was moderated by John Brown University chaplain Rod Reed, and featured three alumni panelists who shared their experiences with alcohol after their time at the University. Emily Burney, […]


Who are the Waltons?

Ever since the chapel service when Rod Reed addressed the Yik-Yak discussions, I’ve been asking myself the question, “How well does our campus body — faculty, staff and students — understand the Walton program and our Walton scholars?” Since this column is meant primarily to give the Threefold Advocate readers […]


Vote for honors council

Elections for the Honors Executive Council begin March 30. The whole campus greatly benefits from the work of the Council, but many don’t really know what it is or what it does. Let me explain. The Council is made up of eight elected positions filled by honors students. There are […]

Preston Jones

Parents vital to student education

The ever-growing education industry stumbles from one ineffective morass into another, but there’s no mystery about what creates the conditions for serious learning. Stellar facilities are nice but they aren’t among these basic conditions, as I had learned through teaching at an outstanding but always struggling prep school, and as […]