9 Ways to Tie a Scarf

IMG_43861. Classic Infinity: Take two opposite corners of the scarf and tie them together in a tight knot. Wrap the knot around your neck.

IMG_4461 2. Accessory: With a thinner and smaller scarf, wrap the scarf around your head and tight either in a knot or bow in front or back of your head. Style hair as desired.
IMG_44063. Waterfall: Loop the scarf around your neck creating uneven loose ends, one end should be longer than the other. With the longer side’s corner, tuck in the opposite side creating a “waterfall” with your scarf.

IMG_44184. The Celebrity: Fold the scarf in half creating a loop. Wrap loop around neck. Pull one loose end of the scarf over and through the loop. With the second loose end, pull the scarf over and under the loop, pulling the loose end towards your face. Tighten and let the ends hang down.

IMG_43935. The One Loop: Take the loose ends of the scarf and wrap around neck until desired length.

IMG_44026. Fake Knot: With one end, tie a knot. Loosen it and pull the opposite loose end within the knot. Tighten.

IMG_44337. The Wrap: Wrapping the scarf around your neck until desired length.

IMG_43838. The European Loop: Fold the scarf in half creating a loop. Wrap loop around neck. With the loop on the end, pull the rest of the scarf through the loop and tighten.

IMG_43689. The Hidden Knot: Wrap the scarf around your neck. With the loose ends, tie and tighten. Tuck the knot underneath the wrapped section of your scarf.