Protect people who help

Enact Good Samaritan laws

Some people have gotten in trouble for helping others. American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons even wrote an article to help physicians know how they can help people in distress and also be aware of the legal implications of their service.

According to AAOS, a law has been made in an attempt to combat people getting sued for helping others, it is called the good Samaritan Law.

According to AAOS, “In essence, these laws protect the ‘Good Samaritan’ from liability if unintended consequences result from their assistance.”

In order to fall under the law, the following criteria must be made: “The person needing assistance should be in ‘imminent peril’ or danger; the physician’s actions should not be negligent and should be in the realm of what a ‘reasonable response’ would be; the physician’s actions should be based on good faith and not on receiving or having the knowledge of receiving some form of compensation.”

According to AAOS, all 50 states have some version of the Good Samaritan law, but some have more limited protection.

Recently, a rally was held in PA in support of a good Samaritan law that would protect people who report drug overdoses, from prosecution.

We The Threefold Advocate believe that every state should protect anyone who is attempting to help others. They are just trying to do the right thing.

For example, many people who are not physicians know CPR and would be able to help to some extent. We The Threefold believe that, if the laws in those states are changed, more lives would be saved.

We understand that some people may not want to be resuscitated and that there is a right to die movement, but all of these people would be wearing something to show that they do not want to be resuscitated.

Therefore, we The Threefold believe that all should be protected under the Good Samaritan Law. This will encourage people to help when the need arises without having to fear being sued.