Adults relieve stress by coloring

Adults have found a new way to entertain themselves while releasing the stress they have accumulated during the day—through coloring books.

Coloring books, better known as adult coloring books, have become a new trend in the market. These books provide people different ages a healthy entertainment opiton instead of spending all day sitting in front of a TV. Some books are marketed as stress relieves while others are mind-focused treasure hunts, according to Tech Time.

The coloring books were not always this successful.

“When I heard about them, the books, I thought they were about pornographic coloring books,” said senior international business major Marcus Ciccarello.

Despite the confusing start, the fame of adult coloring books has increased considerably in the last three years. “Secret Garden: An Ink Treasure Hunt & Coloring Book” and “Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest and Coloring Book” by Johanna Basford; “Balance” by Angie Grace and “The Mindfulness Coloring Book: Anti-Stress Art Theraphy for Busy People” by Emma Farrons are the books topping the best-sellers list in Amazon, according to CNN.

Also, improved mental health has been strongly connected with coloring books because it has therapeutic potential to reduce anxiety, create focus and cause mindfulness, according to CNN.

“To have a coloring book makes me feel back to my childhood, it is really fun,” said Ciccarello.

Junior nursing major, Rebecca Baugher, and sophomore family and human services major, Blythe Wisdom, got a coloring book for Christmas. They said that the coloring books are a fun way to spend time.

“I have friends that talk about them [adult coloring books] on Christmas, and my parents got one for me,” Wisdom said.

The coloring books come in different sizes, making them easy to take anywhere. Baugher said that she has a small coloring book in her backpack so she can use it in any situation.

“Sometimes I do [coloring] during class. It helps me to focus while I am hearing the classes,” she said.

There are also coloring books based on famous TV series such as “Game of Thrones” and “Doctor Who.”

“If I can choose a topic it would be ‘House Hunters International’,” said Baugher.

Another theme students would like to see in a coloring book are New Girl and National Geographic.

Some libraries have created adult colring programs in to people’s increased interest, according to the American Library Association. Students have expressed that it would be a good idea if the University provided coloring books to each student and created sessions in the library.

“They should do it during finals week,” said Baugher.

Color the picture of JBU’s Cathedral of the Ozarks above.