March Madness inspires competition

March is here, and so is March Madness.

The annual National Collegiate Athletic Association college basketball tournament, which is popularly known as March Madness, is a Division I tournament in which 68 college basketball teams play against each other in single-elimination games.

The NCAA divides the teams into four regions: East, South, Midwest and West. The teams are then organized into win-or-go-home style games. A popular tradition among the fans is to predict the winners of the every game. At the end, awards and prizes are given to those who guess the most wins correctly.

Jordan O’Hara, a student who has watched March Madness before, said that he is excited about this event because it not only represents an opportunity to support college teams but is also a time in which family and friends can spend time together.

“I love March Madness because it’s a time in my family and culture where every month friends and family comes together to watch the game on television,” O’Hara said.

O’Hara said that watching the games is a fun experience. He said that he enjoys the company of his family, eating good food and sharing the passion and emotions the game creates.

“There will be always be food spilling on the floor because we are always eating on the couch,” O’Hara said. “When someone scores a basket or if it is a really awesome shot, everyone stands up and there is food falling on the floor.”

Macayla Warren, another student who has watched March Madness before, expressed that watching this event is like a tradition.

“I like watching March Madness because my family loves basketball, so I grew up just playing and watching it and we just love it,” Warren said.

Warren said that her family cheers for the Texas Longhorns. However, due to school responsibilities she cannot watch the games as she wishes to.

Myriah Yam, a student who enjoys basketball, faces the same struggles that Warren does.

“I do not watch TV at all at college, but back home, my dad would have it on and we would watch it with him,” Yam said of the games.

Even though Yam does not watch the games as she used to, she pointed out that one of the reasons she loves March Madness is because she thinks it’s better than the NBA.

“I like it because it’s college basketball,” Yam said. “It’s better than NBA because they are not famous or getting paid and they all work really hard.”

Brianna Bowerman, another student that watches the event, expressed that she enjoys watching athletes her same age competing. Bowerman also explained that the time she spends with her friends in March Madness reminds her of the Super Bowl.

“I am usually wrong so I do not guess anymore,” Bowerman said.

March Madness will be broadcasted on CBS, TNT, TBS and truTV, according to the NCAA website.