How to keep your plants alive

When it comes to watering your plant, you can kill it by over or under watering. View your plants’ instructions to see how often and how much your plant needs. Usually, once a week will suffice for most plants. But, suggests that you check the moisture by sticking your finger an inch deep into the dirt. If you overwatered it, include rocks the moisture or transfer your plant into a pot with holes for drainage.

The telltale signs of a plant lacking water are if it discolors to brown or even starts leaning towards the light, stated states that shaded areas might be best for places that get too much sunlight. However, if the window is in the southern or western direction, full sun might be best.

The easiest mistake that kills your plants is unintentionally ignoring them. Honestly, taking care of your plant might be the last thing on your mind, especially considering the amount of responsibility we have as students. But, the practice of gardening can be relaxing.

Repotting, trimming the plants and using fertilized soil are some ways to keep your plants healthy. If you see flowers wilting, pinching is useful for removing the top of the stem to allow new flowers to bloom, according to

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