Letter from the Editor

Welcome to the Threefold Advocate’s first issue of the year. Our team looks forward to a year filled with new story ideas, healthy discussion and spontaneous conversations. As editor, I would like to encourage you to think about ways you can be an agent of change to those around you. If you are a freshman, allow me to encourage you to get involved and to build relationships. If this is your second year, take every opportunity to stay connected with those you love. If you are a junior, stop and reflect on what your college experience has been and look forward to an optimistic future. If this is your senior year, be thankful and live every minute to the fullest. Endings are bittersweet, yet hopeful, because they are followed by new beginnings. It’s a new year here at JBU. A new, blank page awaits you. Make this year count!

The Threefold Advocate’s vision for this year is to foster a community where passionate writers, designers and photographers can express themselves and produce content that matters. We are committed to producing high-quality content that not only shapes conversations but also leads to a better understanding of issues that affect us on the local and global realm. As we seek to have open discussions about national and global matters, two new sections are being added to the newspaper: World & Politics, increasing the page count to 12 pages. Moreover, the Threefold Advocate will come out on a bi-weekly basis instead of a weekly basis due to printing costs.

We see these changes as opportunities to be challenged in new areas. We also seek to dive into issues in a deeper fashion and to live out our higher calling as carriers of the Good News of Salvation.

Think outside of the box. Break stereotypes. Get out of your comfort zone. Speak up in the face of injustice. Get angry.

Celebrate. Let your voice be heard. Your voice matters.
Arline Mejia
Editor in Chief of The Threefold Advocate MejiaA@jbu.edu