Hold media accountable

Bush’s lewd comments unacceptable

Television host Billy Bush was suspended from his job at NBC on October 9 for lewd comments he made in 2005 that recently surfaced with Trump’s presidential campaign.

These comments were made prior to an access Hollywood interview with Donald Trump and have recently surfaced wih Trump’s presidential campaign.

Initially, Bush was not going to be fired, according to the New York Times. He apologized after the tape and NBC said they had no plans to fire him, but after his licentious comments resulted in public outrage NBC decided to fire him.

We agree with NBC’s decision. The comments Bush made were unacceptable and NBC did the right thing by showing that they would not tolerate his comments.

Even though the comments were made in 2005, they display that Bush is someone who was not capable of making good judgment. Back when he made the comments he was not young and inexperienced; he was an established man who should have known better.

We also believe that NBC should not have waited until the public outrage to fire him. They should have stood up for what was right and immediately held him accountable for his actions.

Some people may argue that Bush was not making most the comments and that he may have been concerned that Trump would not do the interview if he reprimanded him. However, we the Threefold do not support this position. 

Even if this is the case there always comes a time when people must stand up for what is right no matter the consequences. Bush should have told Trump that what he was saying was wrong regardless of whether Trump would still agree to do the interview.

Therefore, we the Threefold believe that Bush should be held accountable for his actions. We also believe that Americans should hold Trump responsible for his actions. You still have the right to choose to vote for him regardless of these comments, but he cannot be called a good or moral person.