Halloween inspires inventive JBU costumes


Halloween is fast approaching, and it is time to start planning costumes. Creating a unique getup to show off at the J. Alvin Halloween party can be difficult and time consuming. In response, students around campus have devised some John Brown University-themed Halloween costumes sure to spark excitement.

The Mayfield Bench

This is a Halloween costume you can do by yourself or even turn into a fun couple’s costume. Levi Branstetter, a Junior nursing major, came up with the idea. “It takes something that is so ordinary but so special to the community and makes it into something extraordinary that has the potential to win best costume,” Branstetter said. He isn’t sure how the design will play out practically, but he encouraged students to be creative and make the idea their own.

Campo Cops

Junior kinesiology major, Jonathan Grant, said this campus safety costume is perfect for a group of friends who are looking to keep the J-Alvin party friendly and safe. For the setup of the costume, Grant said a simple utility belt, red polo and a pair of khakis will do. “It could be a really fun costume. You could even go around giving out people fines and tickets,” said Grant.

Chapel Scanner and ID

One of the hallmarks of a student’s time at JBU are the Tuesday and Thursday chapel sessions. For a couples costume, Grant suggested the classic chapel scanner and ID. “The costume would be fairly easy. One person could be dressed in all black with a red box on them, and the other person would need cardboard and a lot of white paint,” Grant said.

Two Trees and a Hammock

This costume is for those aspiring to the JBU outdoor experience. “Are you actually a JBU student if you haven’t hammocked? Owning a hammock is a lifestyle at JBU,” Ashlyn Davis, a senior graphic design student, said. For this costume, Davis said that students could dress up in all brown and wear leaves as a headdress, then fasten the hammock around themselves and use the straps as a belt.

Open Dorm

“Open dorm is a funny thing. This is a costume that people will definitely laugh at,” Fletcher Lowe, sophomore and proud J. Alvin Residence Assistant, said. Lowe said the costume would be fairly easy for any student to accomplish. The props for this costume include a shirt that says 45 degrees and two flashlights as two significant light sources. For those who really want to sell the act, Lowe encourages students to “avoid sitting down all night because you must always be upright and approachable!”

Rod Reed

“This costume would be super cool because it gives you an excuse to get super buff,” Lowe said. “Rod Reed? More like Bod Reed—amirite? It also gives you a good reason to shave your head.” This costume must only be attempted by those with true dedication. In order to achieve this costume, Lowe advises growing out a goatee, getting little glasses and making everyone feel comfortable. “Making people feel comfortable is what Rod Reed does best,” Lowe said.

Engagement Ring

Grant says this costume is perfect for singles all around campus. “One main reason that people chose JBU is the potential to find a good spouse,” Grant said. “I feel like if you dress up as an engagement ring, then people will know you’re looking for that special someone.” He encouraged students to use a lot of cardboard and glitter paint.

Warm Cookie Wednesday

Students might also be interested in this costume—the chocolate Chip edition. In this costume the student can dress up as warm cookies, using pictures of Chip Pollard as the chocolate chips. “It’s the two best things about John Brown put into one. . .wonderful warm cookies and our popping President Pollard,” Senior biblical studies major Zach Bower said. The first step in the costume is printing out face shots of Chip Pollard and cutting a circular, wearable piece of cardboard for the cookie. Then, the student must simply tape the chocolate Chips onto the cookie.

Samantha Bailey – World/Local Editor