Flag football promotes a healthy outlet for competition

Intramural flag football season began on Sept. 18, shortly after intramural dodgeball ended. 8 men’s teams and 4 women’s teams are registered for the 2017 season, sporting such names as Glen Coco, Shake and Bake and Down, Set, HUTCH.

Clancie Sorrell, member of the Glen Coco team, said she enjoys participating in intramural sports because intramurals provide an opportunity to be part of a team.

“Ever since high school, I’ve missed playing on a sports team so being able to have that at JBU is awesome,” Sorrell said. Sorrell also plays dodgeball, basketball and co-ed volleyball for the JBU intramural teams. “I really get to forget about my homework and just have fun,” she said.

Jonathan Schultz, member of Shake and Bake, said intramural flag football provides an outlet for his competitiveness.

“Playing flag football is a chance for me to relive my glory days of playing football in high school,” he said. “It’s a lot of fun when you can compete at a decent level and win games alongside your closest friends.” Schultz also competes in intramural dodgeball, volleyball and basketball.

“Intramural sports at JBU is a fun environment and I love being a part of it,” Schultz said. “It’s typically relaxed but still very competitive, especially basketball and flag football.”

Intramural flag football allows participants to compete with a team, as well as to meet new friends.

“My favorite part of flag football is the people,” Shae Grooms, member of Down, Set, HUTCH, said. “It has been so fun to play on the same team as some of my friends but also compete against other friends.”

Intramural flag football season will end Oct. 12. The two best women’s teams and the two best men’s teams will compete against each other for the championship.

“I don’t care if we win or lose,” Sorrell said. “I just want an exciting, upbeat game of flag football.”