Soccer player sees JBU as a great opportunity

Samuel Estrada is a 5’8” midfielder from San Salvador, El Salvador, and new to the JBU Golden Eagles men’s soccer team. Estrada is a kinesiology major and has played over 364 minutes this season.

Estrada said his coming to John Brown was a wonderful surprise to him. He was looking for a university to attend in El Salvador, but, “God had different plans for me,” he said. It was his dream to play soccer for a Christian college. After sending a game film video to the coach, Estrada visited

“Finally, I felt like I was at home walking on the campus with great people,” Estrada said.  He said he is thankful to God for the opportunity to play soccer for JBU.

“Our season is going good so far,” Estrada said. “We made history beating teams like number one and number three of the nation and we are in the playoffs, looking forward to go to nationals.” He said he has found language to be his hardest adjustment, and managing his time between soccer and homework has also been hard.

“Samuel has been a wonderful addition to our soccer program,” Head soccer coach Brenton Benware said. “Not only does he bring excellent soccer abilities and IQ, but he also brings a great spirit to the team.  He’s a selfless teammate that is most interested in strengthening the teammates around him.”

In his free time, Estrada enjoys spending time with friends and family.