Editor’s Response


We here at the Threefold Advocate appreciate your response to our article. While it is the mission of the Threefold Advocate to provide reporting free of personal biases, we do not always meet this goal, and for this we apologize. The Threefold Advocate is the newspaper of John Brown University and should write stories that fairly represent the diverse opinions in this campus and community.

Yours is not the only response we’ve received of this kind. To these responses, I have to say it is important to remember that, while we are a newspaper, we are still a college newspaper, which means the our primary purpose is to prepare and teach students to work in their respective fields, which means developing impartial viewpoints.

Our writers and editors do not come to the Advocate with the expertise of seasoned veterans, but instead as students learning the machinery of a professional world. While we stand behind and support all our writers and editors, this includes acknowledging they will not always hit the mark.

While we apologize for the bias in this coverage, we will remind you and others that this matter is being debated in the public spheres even on this campus. We admit this paper’s failings in representing a holistic view of the campus but will remind all of our readers that the Threefold Advocate is always accepting new writers and seeks to create a healthy atmosphere of conversation in our office and in the paper.

We are all learning and improving, and your letter encourages us to pursue a better representation of our Lord and His Church as we pursue this high calling.