Holiday gift wrapping ideas for the creatively challenged

Carolers are singing, church bells are ringing, and presents need wrapping! I don’t know about you, but I dread this season of putting my terrible wrapping skills on a pedestal. No matter how spectacular the gift is, I always get the side-eye for my lopsided wrapping paper and visible tape barely holding the remains together.

That’s why this year, I am ditching fancy wrapping paper and getting a little creative! Here are seven seasonal—yet practical—ways to wrap gifts for loved ones!

  • Easy-Assemble Boxes

Ditch the wrapping paper, and grab a white foldable box from your local Walmart. Even the least of us can manage to put a box together. If you want to take it a step further, decorate the outside of the box in a personal way that reflects the season. Amazon has fun Christmas stickers that will give the gift a sense of holiday cheer!

  • Buckets Save Lives

What’s cuter than a rustic bucket to put your gift in? This creative idea involves virtually zero effort but is sure to ‘wow’ anyone. All you need is a bucket and some tissue paper to put over the top and then you have an adorable presentation.

  • Mason Jars

This gift wrapping ideas is for the smaller, yet equally valuable gifts. Are you getting your loved one a necklace? A watch? Maybe a gift card? Then a mason jar is perfect for you! All you need is a mason jar, paint, and a piece of ribbon. This project will take about five minutes but will be worth it in the end. Step One: Paint the outside of the jar in a festive color. Step Two: Wait to dry. Step Three: Place item inside the jar. Step Four: Close the lid and tie the ribbon on the top of the jar. Step Five: Enjoy the look on your friend’s face when you hand them the creative gift!

  • Square Tissue Box

If you have an empty tissue box lying around, this gift is an easy way to wrap a last-minute gift. All you have to do empty the box, cut the clear plastic out and add festive tissue paper at the top. This gift wrapping will be sure to get a laugh and some smiles!

  • Bandana’s From Amazon

Christmas print bandana sets sell for $13.55 on Amazon. You can fold the bandanna anyway you want, but the easiest option is placing the gift in the center and tying the top in a bow.

  • A Bright Idea: Lightbulb

If you are looking to give someone cash (because who doesn’t like money?) then this gift wrapping might be exactly what you are looking for. Instead of an envelope or gift card with cash, you can put the money in a light bulb and add a little ribbon for fun!

  • Gift Bag Goodies

Don’t forget the simple Gift Bag. This gift wrapping might not be the most creative, but it is one of the easiest. If you are looking to spruce it up, look no further than a DIY project. Grab a plain white or brown gift bag and make your own Christmas design!

Hopefully, these ideas put your mind at ease going into gift-wrap season. Easy gifting doesn’t have to be boring. Let your creativity soar. And that’s a wrap!