Nick Saban makes Alabama a college football dynasty

The Alabama Crimson Tide have been rolling through the NCAA football scene for quite some time now with a combination of Hall of Fame coaching and great young players on both sides of the ball. It’s fair to label them as one of the best dynasties that the NCAA has ever seen. But even more so, what hurts the most for fans of the rest of college football is that, historically speaking, this trend will continue for the next ten years or so.

The reason being one, the recruiting by Alabama head coach Nick Saban and his recruiting staff has continued to be on top of high school recruiting boards consistently every year. Currently bringing in the number one ESPN ranked recruiting class for the 2019 season and a team that looks next to impossible to stop, the Tide’s already dominant team, is being built into an unstoppable dynasty.

JBU student and college football fan Harrison Kretzer has seen Crimson Tide dominate in the past few years and doesn’t see them slowing up anytime soon. “I thought last years’ team was unstoppable, until I saw ‘Bama’s squad this year. And now that they’re bringing in another top-rated recruiting class, it’s just not fair anymore,” Kretzer said, “Saban has won 4 championships without an above average QB. Now he gets Tua Tagovailoa and there is no contest.”

Just a couple of days ago Alabama recruited four-star linebacker Christian Harris, giving them a total of 20 four-star prospects for the 2019 season to go along with their five-star offensive tackle. Alabama is absolutely thriving with Nick Saban under the helm and will continue to dominate the field as well as the recruiting classes in the next six years that he is under contract. Fellow SEC recruiter Eddie Gran talked about Saban’s recruiting style in an ESPN interview: “It’s as thorough as it gets. And it never ends. You go back, you go back again and then you go back again. It’s the area coach, position coach, coordinator and head coach all watching, evaluating and scrutinizing everything. It’s more thorough than ever before … To be honest, recruiting is more like the NFL because it has been so intensive. We are pretty darn thorough.”

Looking at the current season, you can see the recruiting work in play as a majority of the players getting time on offense and defense are freshmen and sophomores. Saban’s record with the Crimson Tide is an astonishing 144-20 in his current 12-year stint with the team which has a lot to do with the types of players Saban recruits to the field. With Alabama’s blowout wins against the majority of the teams they have faced this season, the team looks like it’s well on its way to their ultimate goal of winning the College Football Playoff. With such dominant recruiting, coaching and top-level talent on both offense and defense, anything less than a championship at the end of the year would be a disappointment for Saban and the entire Crimson Tide organization. After winning last year, look for ‘Bama’ to continue their reign atop college football.