The Final Centennial Celebration

In one of the final events of the Centennial celebration, the Christmas dance brought students to Simmons Great Hall to eat, dance and have a great time.

On Friday, Dec. 6, the John Brown University Christmas Centennial Dance followed a meal in the cafeteria. With decorations, a live jazz band and desserts, students danced into the next decade. 

Freshman Christina Miller said that the dance was equal parts classy and fun. “It made me really happy to see everyone dancing together and it reminded me of what a blessing our JBU community can be,” Miller said. 

Starting at five that evening, the cafeteria was especially prepared for the event and Simmons was decorated with twinkling lights. Miller said those lights were one of her favorite aspects of the night. “My favorite part of the dance was probably when I initially walked in and took in the whole scene. I love jazz, and I honestly loved the lighting and decorations too.”

The actual dance began at 7 p.m. where the live band kicked off the night with beautiful music and a place for the students to dance.

Junior Bethany Spangler said her favorite part was how the Pollards were involved in the night as well. “I liked this Christmas Party better than in past years because of how Simmons was set up with so much floor space and … that encouraged more dancing.” Spangler complimented Students Events and Activities (SEA) for their hard work and the venue’s setup. She said that the layout made the night fun and relaxing.

Along with dancing, the night included a photobooth, hot chocolate and desserts. Miller said, “The cookies were delicious and the hot chocolate was even made with actual milk.” 

Freshman Anna Carr said she went to the dance because her friends were also going, but it was a great night to have fun and relax with one another. “I enjoyed the jazz band and was impressed by their talent,” Carr said.

Although this was one of the last events of the semester, there is one more Christmas Party that J Alvin hosts every year. It will be held in the J Alvin dorm rooms on Thursday, Dec. 12, starting at 9 p.m, immediately following the Candlelight service at the Cathedral of the Ozarks.