The great R.A debate

September 18, 2014

Whether too invasive, or too out of touch, resident assistants or R.A.s as they are commonly known, are presented each year with the tough task of knowing their boundaries with students.

Operation Christmas Child challenges JBU

September 18, 2014

In the course of 20 years Operation Christmas Child has given away over 100 million shoeboxes to children in 100 different countries who would have never received the resources without the project

ISIS: The lowdown

September 18, 2014

ISIS makes front-page news on a weekly basis. Understanding ISIS requires understanding a wealth of background in Middle Eastern politics and Muslim history.

Ministries merge to expand vision

September 18, 2014

The great commission, to make disciples of all nations, is known and practiced by Christians all over the world. John Brown University’s newest ministry, Antioch has been created to accomplish and embody this mission.

Chapel singer craves new Christian sound

September 18, 2014

Andrew Peterson loves stories. He began performing music and crafting his songs when he was 19 by using stories from his own life and the people around him.

New semester, new smells: The freshly renovated J.Alvin

September 11, 2014

204 men on campus get to be a part of history; they are the first group of men to live in the newly renovated J. Alvin Brown dormitory. Though the changes may not be fully noticeable from the outside, the J. Alvin renovation has residents as well as other students around campus talking.

Artists inspire child-like enthusiasm through color

September 11, 2014

Dave Butler’s watercolors and Robin Hazard-Bishop’s pastels grace the walls of both visual arts buildings at John Brown University.

13 years post-tragedy

September 11, 2014

Thirteen years ago today, the United States was shaken at it’s core; the date 9/11 will never be viewed the same. Four hijacked planes crashed into the heart of New York City, the first two in the World Trade Center.

Neighborhood Market opens in town

September 11, 2014

Walmart’s new Neighborhood Market opened Wednesday morning, providing up to 95 new jobs for the Siloam Springs community and promising to expand the growth rate of North-West Arkansas.

Located on 935 S. Holly St., the store opened after a brief ribbon-cutting ceremony.

University showcases academic excellence

April 17, 2014

John Brown University students of various ages, majors and academic passions will be able to represent each of the University’s divisions by showcasing their research in the 2014 Celebration of Academic Excellence next week.


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