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Arties: A celebration of the fine arts

Recently, an event honoring the achievements of students in several fields of the art department took place. The Arties are an opportunity for students in film, contemporary art, visual art, photography and journalism to earn awards for their work in the past year. This year’s winners included Spencer Theobald (Photographer […]


Arkansas is Finally Getting Warmer Weather!

Arkansas is finally getting warmer weather, which means spring is just around the corner! With more sunshine on its way, there will be more opportunities for you to enjoy northwest Arkansas! Here are a few things you can do on your own or with your friends. 1. Go on a […]


Coronavirus affects summer study abroad programs

Coronavirus is sweeping the globe, leaving a wake of destruction that rivals the other major outbreaks of the past few decades. As of March 7, almost 100,000 cases have been confirmed, with over 3,400 deaths and 88 countries or territories reporting cases. In the U.S. alone, 28 states have confirmed […]


Controversial Title IX amendment proposed

Betsy DeVos, Education Secretary under the Trump administration, has released a series of proposed amendments to the procedures of Title IX, education’s nondiscrimination act on the basis of sex. The proposed changes include an updated definition, budget re-organization and most controversially, the allowance of cross-examination of sexual assault and harassment […]


Healing Hurts: Giving Victims of Religious Trauma a Voice

“Child abuse wrapped in Jesus is still child abuse.” This observation, made by Twitter handle @SweetGeekling, sparked a debate on the influence of religious trauma when parents teach their children about their faith. Cindy Wang Brandt, a popular podcast personality who discusses raising children in faith, expressed concern regarding the […]


Women’s Soccer Team Travels Abroad for Winter Break

For seven days over winter break, the John Brown University women’s soccer team traveled to Guatemala to connect through soccer—the “language of the world,” as sophomore Meghan Kennedy said. The soccer team also traveled to Guatemala for a missions trip in 2018. This time the athletes went to learn about […]


JBU Track and Field

John Brown University’s track and field team had their first meet of the semester on February 10. Allika Pearson made waves in the Sooner Athletic Conference as she qualified for nationals in the 5,000 meter. While track and field is relatively new territory for JBU, it was a JBU sport […]


The Lumineers III: Album and Video Review

This fall, The Lumineers released a three-part story in their third album, titled “III”. This album differs from their previous two and leaves listeners wondering what has changed their tone. “Cleopatra,” their second album, was full of life advice from a grey-haired taxi driver. Their self-titled first album was full […]


Bong Joon Ho’s Acceptance Speech Reflects Korean Society

In the 2020 Academy Awards, “Parasite” earned South Korea its first Oscars in history, a total of four, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best International Feature Film and Best Writing (Original Screenplay). As the first non-English language film in Oscar history to win the award for best picture, “Parasite” is […]