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International students share perspective on the election

As the 2020 election draws to a close, some of John Brown University’s international students have commented on their knowledge and thoughts of the electoral race. Three international students at JBU—Damaris Merino, junior international business major from El Salvador; Luis Galván, sophomore mechanical engineering major from Mexico; and Jens Keemers, […]

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A Voter’s Guide to Ballots

Nov. 3 is nearing and students need to have a solid understanding when it comes to voting in this year’s election. Over 90 million eligible voters did not use their right in the 2016 election. Uncertainty can hold many back from voting, but a clear voter’s guide may encourage more […]


Cafeteria Launches Improvement Campaign

One of the universal truths of college cafeterias is their stereotypical, lackluster food—not the most flavorful nor appetizing but ultimately good enough to get the job done. However, the past few weeks have proven to be a rough few for the Caf at John Brown University, with a few reported […]

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Issue 1: Transportation Sales Tax

On Nov. 3, Arkansas voters have the opportunity to vote for or against a half-percent sales tax on Issue 1, which was moved to the ballot by Arkansas lawmakers. The name on the ballot for Issue 1 is the Transportation Sales Tax Continuation Amendment. This half-percent sales tax is currently […]


How Churches have Changed During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In the beginning of the pandemic, there was no predicting what the future would hold. It has been over 220 days – or several months – since we have been in a globally declared pandemic, and daily life looks different than ever before.

Specifically, church communities, elders and leaders have been extremely creative in their methods to connect with their members and […]


Student Organizations Embrace Challenges in Event Planning

At a college renowned for its community, COVID-19 has presented many struggles for students and faculty alike at John Brown University. The Students Events and Activities (SEA) team is one of the most affected organizations on campus, as they are currently working to balance community activities with COVID-19 precautions. For […]


Students Respond to Changes in Spring Semester Schedule

On Sept. 22, John Brown University announced its 2021 spring academic calendar to all students. To the student body’s surprise, the calendar had several changes, with classes starting on Feb. 1 and there being no Spring Break. This meant that winter break will last more than two months. The school […]


You Asked! Navigating COVID-19

You Asked! is the column where the Center for Healthy Relationships (CHR) answers. Q: I’m done with wearing masks, too, but how do I handle people that are ignoring all the guidelines to help keep JBU open and safe!?! Our question for 2020: “Why? Just why?” We have yet to […]


Choose to do something

In this time of uncertainty surrounding the ever-changing status of  COVID-19,  nothing  seems more important than finding a cure so that we can all get back to our normal lives. However, something  stands in even more importance than that: voting. The 2020 presidential election is right around the corner, and […]


A Letter to the Complacent American

Dear America, Arkansas and students and staff of John Brown University, I am Ria Brown, account executive at Veracity PR Strategies. I write this letter to you on behalf of Veracity in the hopes that it encourages and inspires your heart, which we believe remains American, no matter what befalls […]